Ep. 3: How Did a Digital Health Vision End Up in The Oval Office?

In 2010 an idea was born: to build an army of entrepreneurs to improve health care world wide. Only a year later the founders of StartUp Health pitched their vision to former U.S. president Barack Obama. On their January festival this year, former vice president in the Obama administration Joe Biden was one of their main speakers.

According to their data, in five years, StartUp Health grew to an allegiance of more than 30.000 investors, entrepreneurs, customers from all over the globe. They are backed by Google, Amazon, Keiser Permanente, Cleveland Clinic, Allianz, SAP and other prominent institutions. 4000 startups tried to get in Startup Health so far, only 180 made it. Are you curious about their mindset and interests? Co-founder Unity Stoakes explains in this episode.

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