Ep. 8: Cybersecurity in Healthcare

In this episode Sachin Gaur, a researcher and entrepreneur in space of mobile and Internet solutions talks about cyber security and innovation in healthcare in India. After working and studying in Finland and Estonia, he returned to India and co-founded InnovatioCuris, a company focusing on connecting healthcare experts and looking at global innovation models and lean management processes to deliver healthcare at an optimum cost.

If you just want to know more about cybersecurity, skip the first 20 minutes! But if India is a market your flirting with or are curious about, listen to Ep. 7 as well, Phabru Guptara shared a lot of insight on the country and its socio-economical factors impacting healthcare consumption. Or just check this few points on Top 5 things on healthcare business in India.

Did you know that almost a third of the population is supposed to own a smartphone by 2019, claims GSMA report. All this goes in favour to digital health or at least mHealth solutions, but keep in mind plenty of good startups on the ground are busy tackling everyday issues.

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