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Digital Technology to Power Healthcare Jobs

We all know the power of technology but what happens when you think about reputed job category like doctors, would you be able to locate them immediately. This is where technologies come into the picture. If you can have an access to thousands of doctors at just one click or if you are a hospital looking for doctors for part-time and doctors on an hourly basis then wouldn’t it be great.

That is where Mediclare come into picture and bridges the gap between the job seekers (doctors, nurses, Medical practitioners, compounders, hourly based work, full-time or part-time work and more) and job providers (hospitals, Clinic, pharmacy, pharmacist, Labs, diagnostic center, blood bank, relief camps, hour based work at the event, Health camps, NGO’s and more) and give them the access to connect with each other on a common platform. Doctors can take up any job and patients can contact any doctor without any mediator.

Hospitals can directly post their requirement and can hire a doctor for full time or part-time or on a contract basis or an hourly basis (can be anything). Mediclare is an unbiased portal and does not discriminate anyone based on categories.

When you search for a doctor and enter your requirement you will able to see that some of the doctors do not match up with your requirement then too they appear on top of the page, have you wondered about it? To help you with these types of problem Mediclare created a real-time based feature and it shows the available resources nearby you.

Mediclare takes a genuine review from the customers and for sake of betterment we have given them the opportunities to the job seekers and job provider to give the genuine review and rating and because of that others will understand whether to go with them or not.

We believe that everyone has the right to get the quality healthcare services respect to their affordability, so we continuously work on that. Our team of expert keeps an eye on the validity of the doctors, hospitals, and nurses etc. who join our platform and planning to give their services and planning to request services.

Download our app and take a pleasure in serving other and get a chance to earn better and to give quality services.




Mediclare provides a digital platform for on demand medical staffing. Healthcare organisations can have access to verified healthcare providers instantly, thus enabling them to provide timely treatment.

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