Internet of Things in Healthcare and Medical.

We use technology in our daily life in some way or the other and these technologies make our life easier compared to the old times.

The availability of technology in India is less compared to the other developing countries and we are trying to remove these barriers to make sure everybody gets an access to latest information, gadgets, technology, facility, infrastructure and more.

With the help of Mediclare, we have removed the barriers between the Service Providers and Medical and Healthcare Organizations. Our platform is made in such a way that it creates an easy earning opportunity for all the users. Mediclare provides an unbiased and transparent system to all users so that anyone can connect with anyone.

Mediclare is a social app which brings all the Social, Medical and Emergency needs to one single platform. We have the vision to create a place where, as soon as a job requirement is posted it must be reached to the people who are looking for it. Currently, we are working onboarding doctors of various specialties, nurses of different departments, clinics, pharmacies, pharmacists, everyone who works in healthcare.

Our app works on a real-time basis and we have built it in such a way that, from where ever you send your requirement it will be visible to the matching specialist with the real-location. Our technology helps our users to connect with each other all the time and can post their requirement any time.