Hospital 360 »The complete Radiology information system«

Support for work in functional diagnostics

RISeye is our solution developed for all departments where images or videos are produced. Our principal idea during the development of this solution was a complete integration of all appliances, which resulted in the development of our own Radiology Information System (RIS). Our RIS is completely integrated with our Hospital Information System Hospital 360.

RISeye supports different modalities, such as a radiology department (MR, CT, X-ray…), endoscopy, colonoscopy, laryngoscopy, and laparoscopy.

The use of standards is significant here. Our solution RISeye is completely localized (local writings) and standardized due to the use of the standards DICOM and HL7.

Complete integration

We are confident that the close integration of HIS and RIS is necessary for efficient work in healthcare institutions; only this way can we ensure excellent quality healthcare for a patient. We have integrated RISeye with our Hospital Information System and provided traceability of all tests concerning a patient. Besides, the integration reduces possibilities of errors inpatient treatment.


  • A completely integrated solution; the data are interchanged between HIS and PACS through the HL7 protocol in both directions;
  • A unified user interface for all departments;
  • Unified training for all departments;
  • Support to all image-active departments and modalities (DICOM and non-DICOM);
  • Unified system hardware for all departments;
  • All data is bound to a patient and is saved in a centralized database;
  • Single licensing and maintenance for all departments;
  • Complete adjustment to work processes of a user.

Many users one RIS

RISeye is adjusted to work processes in healthcare institutions and is suitable for large institutions (hospitals, primary health centers) as well as smaller users (private practices, smaller primary health centers). The entire work process is patient-oriented, which gives us the possibility to keep up all results and images of a particular patient in one place.

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