Medicohealth and RX Digital — Paper prescriptions are the past!

The national health system has regulations regarding prescribing and dispensing of medicine.

The laws often predict, allow or even advise electronic data exchange. However, doctors and pharmacists still use paper forms, by and large. Patients with refill prescriptions unnecessarily wait at the doctor’s office. Health personnel perhaps already use software to fill in data, but the final product is a printed paper prescription. The path to the pharmacists is uncontrolled and may be subject to abuse. Doctors face a severe problem as they have no information on what a patient might have been issued at the pharmacist.

Interaction of medicines or even dispensing incorrect medication may have severe consequences; namely, it may endanger a patient’s life. Insufficient supervision over prescriptions results in unused medicines and even inappropriate disposal of drugs, which may put us and the environment at risk. Inadequate central oversight of prescribing and dispensing of medicines and unrelated systems for managing health records result in unnecessary costs for the state and taxpayers.

The heart of the solution

The solution is a safe, efficient and verified the central system is established for a safe, paper-free prescription and medication data transfer. The system does not destroy preliminary investments in partial solutions and enables communication in the most standard way of modern informatics.

RX Digital is the best pill for any healthcare system:

  • Less stress for patients;
  • Better control of medicine dispensing;
  • Less pharmacy workload.

It complies with the regulations of the country or of health insurances concerning prescribing and dispensing of medicines. Communication between doctors and pharmacists is easier, and it automatically ensures correct dispensing of medication.

The central part of the solution keeps documents and electronic signatures of the documents’ authors. The supervision of an individual’s responsibility in the process of prescribing and dispensing of medicines is very simple and straightforward.

Key benefits:

1. Immediate prescription transfers from a doctor to a pharmacist;

2. Automatic legislative compliance and health;

3. Insurance regulations;

4. Safe and central safekeeping of documents and electronic signatures enables easy to control.

Rx Digital is the fastest and best way to solve various problems concerning the prescription and dispensing of medicines.

  • Patients will be subject to a safer and high-quality dispensing of medicines; the procedures of obtaining medicines will be simpler; undesirable side effects of medicines will be reduced.
  • Doctors will welcome information support in writing prescriptions and will have less administrative tasks.
  • Pharmacists will have less administrative tasks as the prescription data will be already in the system. Information support will be of help to the pharmacists in dispensing medicines and reducing paperwork.
  • Providers of health insurance will have a more efficient overview of prescriptions and charges that the health insurance covers. The risk of prescription abuse and fraud will be reduced.
  • The Ministry of Health and other institutions connected to public health will have additional data to monitor statistics, regulatory processes, analyses, medicine consumption planning and analyses, on a national level.

Rx Digital is a complete solution for doctors, pharmacists, and patients. Together with the standard processes, it enables information exchange with back-end applications that prescribers and providers of medicines use. The vital part of the solution is a centralized system that encompasses regulations and controls in compliance with legislation needed for safe and transparent prescribing and dispensing of medicines. The system ensures effective protection, so that system administrators have the easy and transparent management of users’ authorization. The central system can connect to national data sources on system users’ rights.


  • standardized data exchange;
  • the central system collects and transfers data and sees to rules and controls as determined by legislation;
  • centralized management of user rights;
  • the system’s ability to connect to national data sources (personnel codes, certificate data …).

A medicine prescription system for every country

Rx Digital can be integrated into the current healthcare systems and does not change the user experience. The main feature of the system is standardization of data exchange in compliance with international health standards and ensuring data and document security during transactions. The central system keeps all data on regulations and dispensing of medicines. Security components supervise access authorization and efficiently prevent unauthorized access to sensitive personal data.

The system structure

The central system solution Rx Digital is designed on a modern multi-layered service-oriented architecture. The main solution elements are:

  • Local information systems for providers of medicines and pharmacies;
  • Integration components for connecting with the central part of the solution;
  • Connection with the medicine interaction database and their interpretation;
  • The central system;
  • Portal for system administration;
  • Portal for users and patients.

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