The future of Health system — Your health on your phone!

Today we do everything on smartphones or online. We shop online, work remotely, order food and even meet the love of our lives. But when it comes to health care, we still have to go to the doctor office, and we have problems with booking it online or to get an electronic prescription.

According to Merritt Hawkins, it took an average of 24 days for a patient to make an initial appointment with a physician in the 15 large urban areas in the USA. Similarly, in the U.K. GP appointment waiting, times are expected to approach three weeks.

The research conducted for the UK Digital Health Report that is based on 61 million Google searches and a survey of 1013 adults found out that one out of five people decides to diagnose themselves online with search engines when feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms. 11 percent said that this was because they were unable to get a doctor’s appointment, while the other 10.8 percent said Google was the best option because their GP wasn’t available quickly enough.

It is true that patients still need specialists but patients and specialists don’t need to be in the same room at the same time.


Medicohealth is developing a platform that will connect patients and specialists in the online world. Doctor appointments will become past. Something that we used to do before the MedicoHealth era has arrived.

With this platform, patients will become owners of their medical data and decide which physician they will share their information with.

Let’ s see the example.

John has a medical concern. He would go to her physician, but he knows that there are some physicians with more experience in this field, who would be able to give him better answers. He also wants to avoid all the waiting.

John uses Medicohealth cross-device web portal to find the perfect physician, who is registered on the Medicohealth platform, based on their ratings, prices, availability, and specialization. He sees a perfect match — somebody with specialization in the medical field, he needs, with good ratings, constant availability and affordable price. He contacts the physician and John gives him his consent to view his medical information anonymously through a secure, decentralized data repository and comments on it through Medicohealth application. After prompt, affordable and reliable consultation John awards the physician with MH tokens that fuels the whole network.

With technology integrated into healthcare, it is just a matter of time when we will be able to get in contact with our physician through the application. With MedicoHealth the time is now! Watch the video below.

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