5 lessons on business media from Jeff Klein, 1105 Media

“B2B media brings buyers and sellers together”

Jeff Klein, chairman of 1105 Media, speaks with MIE students at Northwestern University’s San Francisco campus. (Photo / Elaine Ramirez)
B2B media started with magazines but now are overwhelmingly digital (Photo / Elaine Ramirez)

1. The mix of revenue has changed, and events are increasingly important.

The revenue mix for B2B media has changed thanks to print’s decline. (Image / 1105 Media)

2. The B2B ecosystem is increasingly complex, but connecting buyers and sellers is still the key to success.

MIE students (L-R) Danny Hwang, Austin Ryan, Ally Holterman, Isabella Jiao and Wuqiu Sun listened closely to Klein’s presentation (Photo / Elaine Ramirez)

3. Building communities is critical.

Building communities is critical in B2B. (Image / 1105 Media)

4. Predictive analytics could be a game changer.

Predictive analytics informs the buyer’s journey — and could be a golden ticket for B2B media. (Image / 1105 Media)
Predictive analytics is a combination of predictive marketing of who is researching to buy products and services, and predictive monitoring of which existing customers might be looking elsewhere. (Image / Prophyts)

5. The future of B2B has many options.

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