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I Failed A Transcription Test Job Application Three Times. Here’s What I Learned.

Image courtesy of Keenan Constance, via Pexels
  1. This experience is another self-evident sign I need to be a more frequent reader to reap the brain benefits and process information more efficiently.
  2. I have discovered that even in skills I feel confident in, I can always enhance them just as I can areas of less confidence. I thought myself an able writer who understood the nuances of writing and the rudimentary principles before my mistakes showed me some writing-heavy fields centered on diminutive details less typically noticed. Transcribing is one of them.
  3. I am better equipped to handle disappointments/failures, then pivot: develop a strategy, re-strategize after this adventure. This will benefit me well in adulthood. Life is rife with disappointments. However, that means life is also ripe for growth no matter the age of the person living it.



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