We are Medipass

Our mission is to create health payment experiences that empower, simplify and delight.

This month sees the public launch of what we have been working on at Medipass for a number of years. We thought now would be a good time to remind ourselves about why we exist and what we are focussed on achieving.

The Medipass Team

Consumers in our digital age love dealing with businesses and service providers that offer beautiful experiences that give us greater control, regardless of the industry. Uber, AirBnb and Paypal are the most cited brands, but there are many more in every niche of our day to day lives, from how we order coffee to how we read the news.

But healthcare is still frustratingly paper-based. Frustrating not just for consumers, but practitioners and health funders alike. This analog system drives terrible experiences for consumers who aren’t able to get a simple quote for what their service will cost them, and practitioners who feel they need a book-keeping degree alongside their clinical credentials.

Our mission is to create health payment experiences and tools that empower, simplify and delight our stakeholders; consumers, practitioners, health funders and software developers alike. We believe that is the role our team can best play to build a better health system.

Look out for us. You’ll see us powering a number of health experiences where you will be prompted to enter your Medipass credentials, from Private Health Insurance apps to online retail sites.

Our flagship integration is to HICAPS which launches this month. We enable consumers to receive a quote from their Private Health Insurer before they attend their service, and enable practitioners to finalise payments with their patients in a completely digital experience. Now that’s an awesome health payment experience, and there’s more to come.