Review On : Dragon™ Vs Jaynes™ LMS’s Pt. 2.

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I have just found @0x49fa98‘s discarded notebook. The ink was smudged, and covered in illegible symbols, the scribbling of a madman. What follows is what I had to interpolate as best I could. Here is another fragmented part :

Review part 2:

Read part 1 here.

A potential side effect.


The userbase of Jaynes skews female, and the userbase of Dragon skews male.

Perhaps predictably, the average Jaynes user reports feeling happier, and they also tend to use more emotional language to describe their experience. Compared to Dragon’s userbase, they were more likely to choose words like “sad, love, glad, sick, proud, happy, scared, annoyed, excited, and jealous,” as well as emoji and CMC (computer-mediated communication) terms such as lol, omg, brb. They were also more likely to use “vocal” idioms such as ellipses, expressive lengthening of words (e.g. “coooooool”), excessive use of exclamation marks, question marks, and backchannel sounds like ah, hmmm, ugh, and grr. To me this indicates a more childlike mindset; doesn Jaynes infantilize its users, or do infantile people prefer Jaynes?

The average Dragon user earns more money, even when controlling for age and sex. Dragon the users exhibit increased adrenaline and cortisol levels. Clear user markers when assessing their Fabric™ data files, they tend to include words related to swearing, technology, and sports, and in relation, numbers (as in scores). The difference in LMS also manifests in the use of text vs visual platforms, jaynes users like to see, and dragon users like to read.

The intentions in behaviour of Dragon users tend to be data driven and looking for more insight into how better game their metrics, where as jaynes userbase tends to use these things in a manner to catch up and better relate to others. Dragon users discuss more abstract topics, and jaynes users discuss more interpersonal relation metrics.

The most curious and honestly, tragic group of users is a kind of straddler who uses both, colloquially (and tastelessly) called a Xir. I’m going to take a lot of flak for this, but a xir is someone who can’t make up their mind, who wants to have it all, and as a result, ends up with nothing. I’m not just bullshitting here, there is a ton of data on this, and it comes from Dragon itself. The xirs are on average depressed, confused, and directionless. They want the structure and possibilities of Dragon, but also the guidance and wisdom of Jaynes, but the two systems can have dark, unintended consequences in the twilight space where they overlap.

The most famous example was a xir who was deeply invested in the nootropics and body modification boards, who asked Jaynes for advice on how to get to the top. Jaynes told her how to buy custom 3d-printed appendages to secrete nootropics directly into her bloodstream, and crowdfund them by leveraging the spectacle to promote her increasingly grotesque and macabre camgirl shows. Dragon created the possibility of the goal, and Jaynes showed her how to achieve it, a priest in a marriage of heaven and hell.

I won’t print her name but you have only to watch a few moments of her shoggothic performance to see that her internal state is one of drugged out bliss, as each donation from a legion of anonymous onlookers causes her neolimbs to bless her with opioids and amphetamines. Jaynes made her happy, Dragon made her famous, who could complain?

Maybe in a sense we are all xirs now; a xir can dream.


This review has been a long time coming. Every day I log on to this forum and I see the same stupid arguments over and over. Which one is better, Dragon or Jaynes? They’re different systems and they suit different people, obviously, but which one is really better? I don’t think it’s all just a matter of preference.

And honestly no matter what I say the shills are going to keep on shilling, we all know that JordanLLC and BicamCo are using in-game incentives to get people to market their products, anyway. Sure, why not, go on the forum and post Dragon is the best, get 50 experience points in advocacy, go home, jerk off, get 100 experience points in jerking off (you are now level 1 billion), and by now you’re probably thinking that I’m only writing this because I want those sweet sweet exp points, you’re right, I’m close to the next level which is going to unlock a bunch of exciting discounts and cross promotions. Get fucked.

When you buy into an LMS, you’re not just buying a product from a grey and nameless uber-corp, you’re buying a life. Personally, the adrenaline I get from maxing out my tooth brushing adventure in the morning just gives me a buzz for the entire day.

The life I want to live is built on competition and success. Maybe Jaynes users are happier, but maybe they just never found the Dragon leaderboard for happiness. I will scale its heights, and then I will be the happiest man in the world.

More to unearthed soon.

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