The Devils Greatest Trick : The Mirror.

The Mirror.

Some say the greatest trick that the devil had ever pulled was convincing the entire world that he did not exist, but that is not strictly true. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was creating, a mirror of himself, the devil’s mirror. Let us, for now for the sake of argument, just assume for a minute that it is most absolutely certain that God created this universe and that some of his most important angels became fallen & turned into the devil and the demons.

God, after angels, and then demons, then created man. The story of Adam & Eve is well documented. It is known that the devil seduced Eve to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge of good & evil, & then they say the rest is history, after this event, mankind was thus thrown out of paradise by God and into the earth.

But is that really how it went?

See, throughout history, there have been two main forms of religions. Those that tell man they should try to become Gods themselves, and those that tell man to remain a humble servant. The old Greeks had a story that best exemplifies this.


The story of Prometheus is a old greek tale that touches on stealing fire. Prometheus was a mythical giant that saw how early humanity was weak and suffering greatly, so he stole the secret of fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind, that subsequently learned how to use it to master metallurgy & thus become the rulers of the world.

Prometheus was then given an eternal punishment by the Gods because mankind wasn’t supposed to reach enlightenment & independence from the Gods. Eventually he was liberated by Hercules, who was a demi-God himself. There is a deeper message in this story, as it was Zeus who had ordered Prometheus to be tied to the mountain of his punishment, it was Zeus’ own son that liberated Prometheus.

However in a way, Hercules was as much Prometheus’ son as he was Zeus’. For Hercules was also half human, and thus a child of fire. Zeus and Prometheus are what God and the devil are in Christianity. One of them is the real God, with his ideas of what mankind should do, and one is the fake God, that wants the opposite to happen.

So who is the real God? The one that forbids humanity to have fire & punished the one that gave it to them? Or the one that gave the fire to humanity because he felt sorry for them?

The one that got punished for eternity, yet set free by a human as a sign of gratitude? Or the punisher atop a mountain where that same human one day hopes to reach?

There is no way for us humans to truly know. Why? Because of the devil’s mirror. The devil’s mirror is a perfect mirror of negative reflection. Whatever God says is right, the devil’s mirror reflects the complete opposite in such a way that it sounds just as much like it could be God’s word. Which is why a belief like buddhism can argue for self-enlightenment, for humanity to grab the fire and master the universe.

Guards & Labyrinths.

This brings to mind a old parable and riddle that includes two guards and two doors, or the honest and dishonest twins in the labyrinth. The left hand path and the right hand path. The riddle goes along the lines of this :

“You are in a room , or prison, or labyrinth with two doors. There’s a guard at each door. One door is the exit, but behind the other door is something that will kill you. You are told that one guard always tells the truth and the other guard always lies. You do not know which guard is which.

You are allowed to ask one question to each of these guards to determine which door is the exit.

What question should you ask?”

Whilst a belief like Christianity argues that humans are inherently filled with sin and can only reach salvation by blindly trusting God as they walk through the valley of darkness. And who is right?

There is no way to tell, for the devil’s mirror echoes the word of God perfectly.

Which brings us back to paradise and the apple. Was it God who created paradise and the devil that made Eve the apple so humanity might be thrown out? Or was it the Devil that made a false paradise and God that encouraged Eve to eat the apple so that humanity may learn to stand on its own two feet and reach its own enlightenment?

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