A Higher Power

Today’s Daily Stoic Meditation outlines that harmony is what you must strive to achieve.

A true harmony, between the spirit and nature.

“This is the very thing which makes up the virtue of the happy person and a well-flowing life — when the affairs of life are in every way tuned to the harmony between the individual divine spirit and the will of the director of the universe.”



Harmony is key.

Harmony is what you must strive to achieve.

Harmony is what is behind a natural, happy, and peaceful life.

Harmony; when all things are in order and combined together.

It is a blissful state in which everything works together to create happiness and joy.

There is a harmony within you that you must harness.

Between The Spirit & Nature

The most important harmony is between the spirit & nature.

In other words; harmony between the internal and external.


Internal regards you.

It regards your feelings, your thoughts and your desires.


External regards everything outside of you.

It regards everything that is not in your control, such as other people, the weather or events.


You can achieve a harmony between the internal and the external.

Theres many ways to do this, but it starts with acceptance.

You need to cultivate an acceptance for all things, internal and external.

When you cultivate this acceptance, nothing can throw you off course.



Thoughts, interpretations and insights on the daily meditations featured in Ryan Holiday’s Bestseller, The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living.

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