Good And Evil? Look At Your Choices

Today’s Daily Stoic Meditation outlines that both good and evil lie within our circle of choice. Anything else is not worth consideration.

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“Where is Good? In our reasoned choices. Where is Evil? In our reasoned choices. Where is that which is neither Good nor Evil? In the things outside of our own reasoned choice.”


Ignore All Else

Out Of Your Control

This line from Epictetus flows in alignment with the ever present stoic principle: focus on only what you can control.

The great stoics believe that to focus on the things out of your control is entirely wasteful!

They believe that, to fret over the weather, or a decision from another person, does not help you in any way, as it is out of your control.

This belief has great basis: why stress about something out of your control when your actions would have no impact on it?

There is no need to think about the things you cannot alter, change or impact.

It simply wastes your time and energy.

Ignore It

It is your job, rather than to stress and think about the things out of your control, to ignore those factors entirely.

You must understand that there is no way your actions can alter those events.

Save your time and energy for what truly matters.

What Truly Matters

If, as evident, the things out of your control do not matter, and do not deserve great attention, what does truly matter?

The things in your control.

It is essential to differentiate between what you can and cannot control, and then focus only on the things you can control.

The things you can control vary, but the most important factor within the circle of your control is yourself.

You have full power over yourself, your actions, your thoughts, your judgements etc.

Ensure that these things are in alignment with your values, for that is where good & evil lie, within your circle of control.



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