Prepared And Active

Today’s Daily Stoic Meditation outlines how we must always be prepared and active.

If you cultivate those two virtues, no matter the situation, you will be able to face it.

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“Let Fate find us prepared and active. Here is the great soul — the one who surrenders to Fate. The opposite is the weak and degenerate one, who struggles with and has a poor regard for the order of the world, and seeks to correct the faults of the gods rather than their own.”



Many people lack preparation, action and other necessary skills.

Many simply haven’t taken the time to cultivate these qualities, or do not know their importance.

Lacking preparation and action can be fatal.

When you lack preparation, even the tiniest obstacle can throw you off the course.

When you lack action, it’s unlikely that you will even move the needle!


You must be prepared.

You must learn, train and practice.

You cannot let the circumstance catch you off guard!

You must be prepared to face whatever fate has in store for you — this is achieved through preparation.


You must be active.

You must have enough discipline and desire to get up and get moving.

You cannot expect everyone else to do the work. You cannot expect progress if you do not work for it.

You must be active. You must take control of your life.



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