The Mind Is All Yours

Today’s Daily Stoic Meditation outlines the 3 parts that we are formed of — body, breath and mind. Marcus Aurelius outlines how only the third component, the mind, is truly in our control

“You have been formed of three parts — body, breath, and mind. Of these, the first two are yours insofar as they are only in your care. The third alone is truly yours.”


3 Components

Great Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius outlines how we, as humans, are formed of three parts.

We all have these three parts, yet they are managed differently depending on the person.

He outlines that the first two components are only in our care: they are not truly ours.

The last component, however, is all ours. We must harness this to our advantage.


The body is not truly ours. It is simply in our care.

The body can become disease ridden or beat down due to intense labour.

The body can be imprisoned, or subject to vicious torture.

No matter how hard we try, the body is not fully ours.


The breath is not truly ours. it is simply in our care.

The breath can cease, and we can fall into the slumber of death.

Or, we can run out of it after vigorous exercise, and it can grow laboured.

No matter how hard we try, the breath is not fully ours.


The mind, on the other hand, is ours. Until the very end.

The mind and all things relating to it are not just in our care, but they fully belong to us.

With the notion that the mind fully belongs to us, we must treat it well.

We cannot afford to let it grow old and lose it’s brilliant abilities.

We must care for the mind. We must strengthen it.


A sense of control falls into these three components.

With the first two, body and breath, we lack control over them. They can fail us at any minute.

With the mind, however, we do control that.

We have the ability to train it, test it and strengthen it.

Take time to strengthen your mind, care for it and use it.



Thoughts, interpretations and insights on the daily meditations featured in Ryan Holiday’s Bestseller, The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living.

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