The Truly Educated Aren’t Quarrelsome

Today’s Daily Stoic Meditation outlines how the good person, who has also been truly educated, does not fight.

If a person carries themselves, where is the room for any fight?

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“The beautiful and good person neither fights with anyone nor, as much as they are able, permits others to fight . . . this is the meaning of getting an education — learning what is your own affair and what is not. If a person carries themselves so, where is there any room for fighting?”


The Beautiful & Good Person

The beautiful and good person neither fights with anyone nor, as much as they are able, permits others to fight.

The good person knows the futility of fighting, and so does not engage in it themselves.

The good person knows that fighting makes things worse, so doesn’t enable others to engage in it either.

They know this based off of their education.

They have learnt what is their affair, their business, and what isn’t.

They’ve learnt to only focus on their affairs.

No Fighting

The beautiful and good person does not fight.

The Stoic does not fight.

Moreover, the good person doesn’t enable others to fight, either.


The better question here is likely, why fight in the first place?

There’s much better ways to handle issues and situations than fights.

There is no need to be controlled by your emotions and let them run you wild.

The good person doesn’t allow fights as they know how pointless they are.

Battles and arguments achieve little to nothing!

What Is Your Own Affair, & What Is Not

This idea is essential to Stoic philosophy; practiced and preached by all.

You need to know what is your own business and what isn’t.

You need to know what is in your control and what isn’t.

Making a clear distinction between what you can control and what you can’t is pivotal.

You waste less energy.

You fight the right battles, if any at all.

It enables you to focus on the things that truly matter, rather than letting out emotions on the things that are not your business.

Those who know what is their affair and what isn’t are unlikely fighters.

They have developed better, advanced methods to deal with their issues.

Do not be a fighter.

Use the power of your education and understand that fighting achieves nothing.



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