Turn It Inside Out

Today’s Daily Stoic Meditation outlines the importance of looking at things from many different viewpoints to get a good, objective perception.

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“Turn it inside out and see what it is like — what it becomes like when old, sick, or prostituting itself. How short-lived the praiser and praised, the one who remembers and the remembered. Remembered in some corner of these parts, and even there not in the same way by all, or even by one. And the whole earth is but a mere speck.”




The phrase, turn it inside out, simply means to look at it from different angles.

Rather than just seeing exactly what is in front of you, move around, get different insights, perceptions and viewpoints.

As Marcus says, although this may be a slightly extreme example, see how it looks when it is old, sick or prostituting itself!

Prioritise seeing what it is like from many different perspectives and angles.


When you look at things from just one angle, you just see that angle.

The issues with this is that one angle is rarely ever the full thing.

Unconsciously, you end up restricting yourself, and may miss out on seeing the full story objectively.

Looking from just one angle helps you see what you want to see, not what is actually there.

Conversely, if you look at it through many different lenses, if you test it and alter it, that serves to offer multiple advantages.

Advantages such as;

  • You get the full story
  • You get an objective viewpoint
  • You hear the viewpoints of others
  • Your actions are not clouded by your judgment
  • You can act unbiasedly and fairly

Looking at the same situation, event or action through different lenses is extremely important.

It aids you in objectivity, clarity and action.



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