You Are The Project

Today’s Daily Stoic Meditation outlines that we, our body, mind, and soul, are the true, lifelong project.

“The raw material for the work of a good and excellent person is their own guiding reason, the body is that of the doctor and the physical trainer, and the farm the farmer’s.”


You Are The Project

Raw Materials

The phrase, raw materials, itself, simply regards the things, materials and options that you have to work with.

Raw materials vary, and they can regard different things for different people.

The raw materials for an athlete may be extremely different to the raw materials of a mathematician.

In the project of our life, we all have our own individual raw materials.

It is our responsibility to use them wisely.

The Constant

Despite the raw materials varying, perhaps due to career or lifestyle, there is always one constant that stays the same.

The one constant is the working of those raw materials. It is the continuous refinement and development of those materials, of the project as a whole.

It is your responsibility, no matter the materials you have, to work with them.

You must develop them, train with them, strengthen them etc. They are your materials to work with.

Do you want to be disappointed with the end project?

Or will you cheer and celebrate?

The Mind

Despite the raw materials varying for person to person, the stoics have outlined one key material that must be harnessed by all of us.

That raw material is the mind.

The great stoics believe that the mind is an asset, something that must be continuously cared for but also challenged.

You are the project.

You control how it looks and where you go.

Harness that power with continuous development.



Thoughts, interpretations and insights on the daily meditations featured in Ryan Holiday’s Bestseller, The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living.

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