Your Actual Needs Are Small

Today’s Daily Stoic Meditation outlines that you truly need less.

Despite what you may think, your actual needs are small.

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“Nothing can satisfy greed, but even a small measure satisfies nature. So it is that the poverty of an exile brings no misfortune, for no place of exile is so barren as not to produce ample support for a person.”


The Common Notion

Many have the wrongful, but common notion that they need everything.

They fail to recognise that their true needs are small, and work to attqin and possess everything.

People believe that they need the newest car, newest iphone, newest pair of headphones.

Not only do you not need the newest equipment, it also ruins your bank balance.

Your Actual Needs Are Small

Your actual needs are small.

Despite what you may think, you don’t need everything and more.

You only truly need a few things.

You need the essentials, things that can help you and form a massive part of your daily life.

Anything else is extra, and not a need but a want.



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