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Meditations on a Tarot Reading: On Feeling Lost

I feel lost.

Not little-lost, like what street I’m on.

I’m talking about the big sort of lost.

I’ve been writing quite a bit about what I think about when I meditate on the cards. I’ve not gone into detail on how I use cards together, putting them into the context of a reading. The three-card reading I did to facilitate meditating on where I was presented a perfect opportunity to write through how I meditate on readings.




The Tarot Musings of a Somewhat Cyclops. I have long been deepening my relationship with tarot decks by meditating on the cards one by one. I’ll share some meditations, card meanings, and card readings.

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Jamie Toth, The Somewhat Cyclops

Jamie Toth, The Somewhat Cyclops

I write about cannabis, independent movies, tarot, and more. Want more? Contact me:

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