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Meditations on Spilled Milk: The Five of Cups

While Fours in tarot are all about stability, the Fives are focused on what happens when change and loss hit a suit. Fives are a time of crisis, of imbalance. For instance, it seems like everything is just great in cup-land, and then the five hits.

Oof. MY CUPS! MY PRECIOUS CUPS! Art Source: Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.


This tarot card was insistent to be contemplated — it was in my daily draw and my husband’s on the same…




The Tarot Musings of a Somewhat Cyclops. I have long been deepening my relationship with tarot decks by meditating on the cards one by one. I’ll share some meditations, card meanings, and card readings.

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Jamie Toth, The Somewhat Cyclops

Jamie Toth, The Somewhat Cyclops

I write about cannabis, independent movies, tarot, and more. Want more? Contact me:

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