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Meditations on The Star

“The Star” is the 17th card in the tarot’s major arcana. In the story of the Fool’s journey into the World, the Star is directly after the Tower and is commonly interpreted as hope and renewal. In the silence following the complete and utter destruction of the edifices to our hubris, what could be left but the simple light of hope?

Rider-Waite-Smith The Star Card. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Depicted in the Smith-Waite version of the card is a nude woman, kneeling with one foot in…




The Tarot Musings of a Somewhat Cyclops. I have long been deepening my relationship with tarot decks by meditating on the cards one by one. I’ll share some meditations, card meanings, and card readings.

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Jamie Toth, The Somewhat Cyclops

Jamie Toth, The Somewhat Cyclops

I write about cannabis, independent movies, tarot, and more. Want more? Contact me:

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