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Sexism and the Bike Industry

It started with an editorial ping of, “Hey have you seen this about Amanda Batty and Pinkbike?” and after some back and forth, Patrick Brady​’s story about sexism in the bike industry continues with Cyclingtips and the Daily Dot picking it up, and ongoing conversation in comment threads.

The New Facebook World Order

While Bike Hugger magazine approaches our 24th issue this week — 2 years of publishing — the media landscape just shifted, like tectonically, when Facebook…

Hirose, Handmade Derailleur

As I parse more marketing language from one of the big 3 bicycle component manufacturers into a Bike Hugger blog post, my mind drifts to a handmade derailleur by…

A Sage Ride

A triathlete, his head down, in a full aero tuck and a face full of misery passes us. Our speed is slower but by all accounts much more enjoyable. The sun is out and the temperature…

How Lance Armstrong Ruined Everything

A monologue from David O'Doherty

Medium Bicycles
Medium Bicycles

Connectors with wheels

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