OBey Rapha, a FASHION brand in the bike industry

Obey Rapha

The people running Rapha, a successful fashion bike brand, previously built Lance at Nike, including the swooshiness of LiveStrong. The winner of the Tour last year in is their kit and upon them a bequeathed burden.

Now that Rapha has inherited the role of myth making this sport -- doing so with a swatch of pink and a shoebox full of old race postcards for inspiration -- let's hope the marketing copy is realer this time.

When Rapha dips into that font of hard men doing miraculous things on a hero's journey with a light bike and a hashtag slogan, it should write more than a script for self quantifiers on a social network.

Because Wiggo’s wit, mutton chops, or a pretty kit, isn't all we need. We also need to believe.

Ding Dong Doprah! The Doping Witch is Dead! Rapha has one second chance to sell us stories and do so with more pull than a sideways zipper on a white jacket.