Before the melange of sharing everything and surveillance

Two webs ago, the Internet was a much better place. It’s where a site like MeFi thrived. Just like that town you visited before the tourists showed up, a hard ride before it was Strava’d, or content got all hyper-socially marketed and gamed. At PeakWeb, before the inevitable decline into a melange of sharing everything and surveillance, I wrote a book that included paragraphs about Matt’s PVR blogging.

If there was an Internet trend I spotted, it’s the Web we see now. Glad I got out of consulting before another corporation paid me to teach an executive how to tweet or deliver a social campaign.

Whatever future MeFi finds, I hope it’s there forever. For Web 3.0 too or whatever O’Reilly decides to call it, and Google drives a robot car through it.

Meanwhile, I'm focused on micropublishing a bike magazine with Matt’s contributions, and a subscriber-based business model.