bros on bikes in Inida

Ride Across an Ocean

Still get asked about blogging at cocktail parties, what I do for a living, and respond now with

Really just a travel writer on a bike with a blog and the ride is my reward, wherever it takes me.

My next trip is to Maui during the holidays. I’ll roll along the coastline, pushing against trade winds and then pedal hard up the side of a volcano, ascending more than 10K feet. It’s my self-appointed job to ride places, come back, and tell you how that made me feel. I’m grateful for the readership of those reports.

In his post about India, where I shot the photo above, Werner Vogels says

India teaches me to be patient, to be flexible, to be very respectful, to be inviting, to have an open mind and to practice my sense of humor. But most importantly it teaches me to smile a lot.

India taught me a thing or two as well. Bikes are ridden as a job there. To and fro work, carrying cargo, and supplies in a trucking transportation system. I ride for the pleasure of it, to discover, and find a story worth writing about. The wheels connect me to a story I’ll eventually share. It’s work, when I step off the bike. Cyclists there are employed to sit on a saddle and pedal around a chaotic city of millions.

When I smiled at those Indian Bros on Bicycles, they smiled back and posed for the camera. The bike connected us, across an ocean, and a world apart. We’re not so different, I thought.

I hope they thought the same thing.