Superstitions and Strange Rituals

Issue 13 of Bike Hugger Magazine

There’s a practice in the pro peloton of turning the number 13 upside down. They do it to undo the bad luck that comes with wearing the number 13. Euro pros are as superstitious as gypsies.

Tyler Farrar turns his number upside down. Photo: Slipstream Sports

And for us amateurs, the food must be just right too. While some cyclists may eat a chunk off a giant loaf of bread, eat tater tots, or a taco before the start of a race, my routine includes a couple eggs on toast and a Mexican coke.

Coke in a musette bag, ready to go

Then just a bit of sugar in the bottle and a bar in the pocket.

Gluten-friendly racer
“Napoleon, give me some of your tots!”

It’s the superstitions and strange rituals that accent our culture like flavorful, crunchy salad condiments.

Our 13th issue drops in a month with a Friday the 13th, so that was an obvious theme to discuss lucky socks, embrocation routines, shaving legs, and so on.

I've saved these lucky Mavic socks since I got them in ‘95 and not sure for what, but when the time is right, I got a clean pair!

Lucky socks stashed away

Joining us for the first time too for this issue are Timothy Jackson and Jim Merithew, both industry insiders and contributors with the voices we prefer to publish. Also a Jamaican “pepper” ride report from Patrick Brady of Red Kite Prayer. Oh and Mark V mentions what happened to him in Jamaica too.

Issue 13 is available on iTunes and browsers everywhere this Friday.

The 13th.