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How Do I Write?

Who can write?

Everyone can write on Medium. Click your face in the upper right-hand corner of the Medium homepage and then select “New story” to start writing.

Why can I still not write?

You’re probably using an unsupported browser.

Writing is only available in Chrome, Firefox, our iOS app, and…

Medium — 5 simple things to improve overall experience. Join.

Based on how we use the platform.

Let me be clear. I certainly don’t want to be one pointing…

Medium should get rid of your stats page

Or at least give us the option to turn it off

Let me start with an apology. I am pretty new to social media, and…

Why I love Medium

I swear, it’s not just cause I’m procrastinating

I’m relatively new to Medium. And by relative I mean extremely new to Medium.

I never had a Twitter account, I had instagram for a total of a day, and the only thing I felt the need to check every day aside from my e-mail was Facebook. I was never HUGE into social media, but I…

I’m Already Tired of Medium

I came here to write and think, not to be told what to do. 

It is almost always obnoxious to demand that things created by other…

Medium Word Count

A Chrome Extension for

The website offers an excellent writing environment. One problem I always had with the service is that…

When writing in Cyrillic

Words are not counted

Если писать текст русскими буквами, то статистика слов в выделенном тексте не ведется.

Why do you recommend posts from profiteers?

It amazes me how may people recommend links from authors who are just trying to sell something.

미디엄 특징은

미디엄 서비스의 특징은 무엇인가?

위키와 SNS의 결합인가?

A Developer Looking for a Home 

What Medium is missing

I’ve been looking for a means to quickly and easily share posts about development — something like twitter, but with a bit more structure and a longer form. Medium seems like the ideal spot, but it’s missing a few things.


It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

There’s something special about the Holidays

I love the Holiday season. I guess I’m just a big kid inside. The…

Estoy enamorado de Medium

Es tan minimalista y enfocado en el contenido que lo hace especial para quiénes no necesitan más.

Content is Kebab

Three culinary metaphorical assumptions on designing a good interface

Assumption number one: there is no such thing as a good or a…

Live a little more 

small things you should do to get the best of your hectic life

I live and work in the Silicon Valley and this could be a double-edged sword. In one of the highest density of population in US, you would run into so many people socially and professionally, having a very similar lifestyle like yours.Is this a good thing? yes! Is this a bad thing…




Can Medium Resurrect the Photo Essay?

If it wants to.

So I’m a bit of a photo nerd. Not someone who obsesses over cameras, but someone who likes to see the news…

Shall we stop asking for recommendations on Medium?

It degrades your lovely writing

Lately I am seeing a lot of posts on Medium that end with header size begging for a hit on the recommend button.

I love Medium, because of all the great reads that can be found here. A great post usually has a great ending, that puts the reader to think about…


a story in 3, 10, or 20 minutes

What if stories unfolded as we read them? Not the happenings within the stories, but the stories themselves. The spaces…

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Medium Ideas

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