Medium 1.17.1483

The one where we just pasted in a Slack conversation.

— — — July 8th, 2015 — — —

@fish [11:03 AM]
joined #iosrelease, along with @jess and @brian

jess [11:04 AM]

fish [11:04 AM]

brian [11:04 AM]

jess [11:04 AM]
we’re submitting 1.17 to Apple

fish [11:04 AM]

jess [11:05 AM]
can you write the release notes?

fish [11:05 AM]
absolutely, what s in it?

jess [11:07 AM]
we dialed the footer in, shuffled everything a bit to make things more obvious

brian [11:07]

brian [11:07 AM]
and you know when you’re reading a post and you want to highlight something? bam, now you just tap and it selects the entire sentence for you to highlight! so simple.

fish [11:07 AM]

jess [11:08 AM]
and we gave responses their own section to cleanly delineate the conversation,
they deserve it.
fish [11:08 AM]
Have you seen the responses to the tiny house post? So good.

jess [11:08 AM]
:laughing: :satisfied:

brian [11:09 AM]
we preload Top Stories and Bookmarks now because — SPEED!

brian [11:09 AM]
I’m not sure if we even need to mention this, we don’t want the release notes to be too long

fish [11:09 AM]
I’ll see if I can squeeze it in

brian [11:09 AM]
oh and we now preload a list of tags for you to add when you publish, it’s super cool, we get the list from the tags you are already following

fish [11:10 AM]
preload all the things!

brian [11:10 AM]
maybe we should say “populate a list of tags” in the notes so it isn’t confusing

fish [11:10 AM]
good call

fish [11:11 AM]
what about that bug, the black bar on ipads?

jess [11:11 AM]
ah yeah that’s all ship shape now, @z fixed it

fish [11:11 AM]
slackbot hi5 @z for fixing the app on the ipad

slackbot [11:11 AM]

brian [11:11 AM]
tell our ipad folks we’re sorry in the notes and thanks for their patience

fish [11:12 AM]

fish [11:12 AM]
when do you need these by?

brian [11:12 AM]

fish [11:12 AM]
you bet

fish [11:15 AM]
Done! Should I just paste them in here?

jess [11:15 AM]