2. Templates (pre-programmed PCRs)

Imagine touching 1, 2, 3 buttons…and filling in 100+ data elements instantly.

This tool prepopulates a “master” PCR template that can be incorporated into the current chart — essentially by clicking a small number (e.g., 1, 2, 3…) of buttons that will fill in potentially hundreds of NEMSIS- and agency-required values. The goals are to (a) drastically reduce charting time, and (b) ensure that QA/CQI is a breeze, since substantial portions of each PCR are fixed and preset.

This also frees crews to spend more time on clinical data — the part of the process that actually impacts patient care — and makes it easier to capture critical details that the hospital will need while en route to the emergency department. After all, if your data shows up at the ED after the call is closed and the patient is seen, then the clinical impact of those data is substantially less than if the data arrived in advanced. (This is a key distinction between our MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital HIE and competitive systems.)


In the Admin Section, the PCR TEMPLATE tab is under the “Data” section.
Click “Add Template,” then name your template and provide a description (optional). Hit “EDIT TEMPLATE” to begin creating the Master Patient Record that will be used as the basis for the template, with data pre-filled.
Create the PCR as if you were filling in the PCR in a clinical setting, entering as much or as little information as needed — remember that you can create an unlimited number of templates, so you can create templates for BLS, cardiac, stroke, seizures, diabetes, trauma, overdose, car crashes, etc., or complex calls that cross lines. But here is what’s more exciting: the system accepts the “union” of multiple call types. That means that if you have a call that is for cardiac AND trauma AND an MVA, the system will combine the three component templates into a single unit — and where data has been preset within each template such that they conflict, the system will ask the user who is applying the template to confirm which choice he or she wishes to use.
Fill in the ePCR as applicable for each template type. Remember that you should not be entering clinical data during the process, because the clinical details will change with every patient encounter. Rather, the templates are designed to fill in the many NEMSIS and other regulatory/statistical data fields that take enormous time… but may not be directly related to patient care or the encounter during which the template was applied.
Touch “DONE” when finished entering the template information.
When finished creating the template, touch SAVE in the Admin Portal. For more templates, repeat the process.


On the START HERE tab, click on the large “Apply Template” button in the enter of the page (shown in red box).
Select as many templates as you wish to apply to the current call. For example, as shown above, one may select “Opioid” for an overdose, but the call may ALSO involve a cardiac problem, and transport to a hospital (or a refusal). MORE THAN ONE TEMPLATE CAN BE SELECTED and any conflicts between will be presented to the user for correction/selection (i.e., “choose which one is correct in this case”) before the template is applied.
Once all template selections are made, touch CONFIRM to commit the prepopulated data into the current call. Remember that more than one template can be applied to a call (based on the content of each template).