8. New Analytic Slices, including Pediatrics

MEDIVIEW includes a variety of new criteria that can be applied to run a wide variety of reports in real-time, including: pediatric, cardiac, trauma, the Core Measures, and shift-based QA/CQI.

From the Report Analytics screen in HUB — you must have an Admin role in MEDIVIEW (or otherwise have been granted specific access to the Report Analytics section to see this) — along the top half of the left side of the screen you will see the list of crowdsourced reports, every one of which has been required or requested by a BLT / MEDIVIEW partner-client. The bottom half of the left side of the page is where you’ll find the various dimensions by which you data can be sliced on demand. If you need analytic criteria that are NOT on this list, contact us by email: SUPPORT@beyondlucid.com so we can discuss the required criteria and calculations.
Examples of additional selectable criteria, a view of the Core Measures, and the “Save Data to Excel” function.
For convenience, certain selectable lists (such as facilities) feature a “blow-out” function — as shown below. The facilities on the list match the defaults in MEDIVIEW MOBILE, on the GPS and Hospital Selection screens.