1. New design overview

You may have noticed a lot of white…here’s why.

Over the past few months, we have been collecting feedback from our partner-clients — and even customers of other ePCR and EMS/Fire data companies — to learn what they like and dislike about MEDIVIEW versus ESO, Zoll, iPCR, W.A.T.E.R., ImageTrend, emsCharts, Intermedix, Physio/Health EMS, High Plains, AmbuPro, MedaPoint and others (plus RMS companies like Firehouse, and Emergency Reporting). Our objective was simple: to become the best by expanding on what we’ve done right, and improving where we need to do so.

Every technology system has pros and cons. BLT is consistently praised for our partner-client tech support, and for the quality of our data (including its richness and reliability, speed of movement across the prehospital ecosystem, and our ability to meet any states’ NEMSIS compliance requirements in about two weeks). But as EMS professionals increasingly want to do their charting on a phone, on the fly— we faced criticism about our system’s UI, which was due for an update to a more modern design. We think the new white interface with high-contrast buttons, and clearly marked required/suggested elements, is a step in that direction. It will also facilitate our system’s transition to the device-agnostic HTML5 coding language — soon you’ll be able to use MEDIVIEW on basically any device, including Windows, iPad, and Android.

We hope you find the new design intuitive and fresh. To make the interfaces truly personal to your preferences, you can add your agency’s logo and adjust MEDIVIEW’s UI colors yourself, from the Admin Portal.