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Don’t Expect Apologies, Forgive and That’s It!

Expect No Apologies; Forgive And Move On!

Don’t waste time worrying about other people. Concentrate on yourself.

Who hasn’t opted to take action against an issue until the other party apologises? Because I had done so. Several times in the past.

And recently, I’ve understood something that has remained with me and provided me enormous serenity ever since: waiting for the other person to say “sorry” is a waste of time.

Accept Responsibility For Everything That Happens In Your Life.

Giving someone else responsible for whatever occurs to you is giving up your decision-making power and independence, and finally, you become the story’s victim.

“Oh, it’s because of what he did to me.” He must make amends.” Does it sound like a person in complete command of their life? Doesn’t it sound a little egotistical? “That’s what he did to me.” Come on; you’re better than that; throw that belief out the window.

I understood that if you assume complete responsibility for everything that occurs to you, whether you were involved or not, you may find a lot of peace and tranquillity. You’ve made the conscious decision to no longer rely on the outside world to determine how you feel.

If you’re walking down the street and someone approaches you while looking at his phone, and when you get too near, he strikes you with his shoulder, the stranger walks away as you ragefully anticipate him to apologise. Isn’t becoming upset because you didn’t obtain what you wanted from the other person waste energy?

Instead, you might focus your efforts on the understanding that he might be having a poor day. That this has nothing to do with you at all. You may then forgive him from that place since forgiveness is essentially a gift you offer to yourself. To be liberated. To give the circumstance the meaning, you desire rather than waiting for life to provide it to you.

Aside from being a liberating experience, taking responsibility for everything is a strategy that will help you become more self-reliant. You don’t rely on the outside world to define things since, by adopting this attitude, you actively make the issue your own.

Others’ Behaviours Mirror How They Feel About Themselves On The Inside.

One of the things I had to learn the hard way was this.

If someone does not apologise to you, it does not indicate that the reason for it has anything to do with you. The dread of being incorrect is why a person does not apologise after committing a mistake.

A person who refuses to apologise for harbours a great dread of themselves. That is not at all our duty. The only thing we can do is demonstrate our comprehension.

The thought of “if they genuinely cared, they would’ve treated me better” is ego-driven, but our higher self reminds us that “others’ behaviours are a mirror of how they feel inside about themselves.” Staying away from what your ego wants to say and sticking to this concept will offer you far more rewards than if you don’t.

Adopting those two major characteristics I described will be critical if you want to improve your ability to cope with social issues in the future. This will provide you with greater peace of mind, and you will have a clearer sense while making a selection, increasing your chances of selecting a superior option.

What did you take away from this experience? Let me know in the comments; I’d love to read what you’ve written. Thank you very much!




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