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Should I Cook Or Buy Or Go Hungry?

Everyday is a trading and conversion activity for some people…

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The Rich Versus The Poor

I have a pretty rich friend. But, evaluating her spending power, she looks stingy with her money. But, she is not stingy. Just over-analyzing. She will save every penny as much as she can. She will spend on items very carefully.

She is too careful spending on meals, and hesitates to buy food to eat even though she is in front of an economical food stall. I think that is torture. I am sure there is a difference between thrifty, stingy and over-thinker, or over-analyzer.

I grew up having to dream of buying anything. My fam has a poor financial background, and the frictions are always about money or working status in the eyes of relatives & strangers. So what, right? I saw a difference between my siblings and my rich friend in their spending power.

The rich spend thrifty, but the poor overspend when they have money.

My friend likes to spend 10 Dollars on black pants with good-quality material. My siblings will not mind spending more on similar items with the same quality from the shopping mall with a powerful brand.

As the marketeers would have in mind during product quality assessment: I pay for the brand, and you must deliver what your brand promises.

I learned where the common sentiments from strangers in my life always said:

The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

Look at the way we spend our money. Food and beverages are not getting any cheaper in my country. I want to save money, and I have to stop ordering online food delivery until my next full-time salary becomes stable. However, having to cook, I find that prices of the ingredients are getting more and more expensive. In both ways, I do not gain anything beneficial unless I eat more vegetables.

Life becomes a conversion & trading activity

It is life. You trade among 3-matters.

  • Time,
  • Money, and
  • Health

If you want time, you have to spend more to get it at your convenience. Fresh from the oven. When you want to save money, you got to spend more time going through the motions of creating or making it.

I used to portion my meals for every 4-days routine. I dumped that cooked food into the refrigerator and used the microwave oven to heat it later. I wanted my time. I saved my money. But, I traded these at the expense of my health.

In schools, food that had been cooked more than 2 hours remained or stored in your cooking pots at room temperature, could not be served to the children. Even reheating the dishes more than 2 times affects health too. My late fam suffered brutal health deterioration due to this.

Most processed or cooked food starts decomposition or bacteria-germination after 6-hours stored in the fridge. Generally, you have to consume the food within 3–4 days. So do you think frozen and refrigerated food for a week supply does well to your stomach?

Life is a trading platform. I have already given you 2-examples above:

  • how the rich spend and get richer while the poor become poorer
  • how we trade time, money, and health altogether

You want to make money because you know that it can boost your happy hormones and be a catalyst for joy to add some sense of hope. Money is a spiritual booster. Yes. But, there is no shortcut to being rich after all.

Life became a conversion and trading platform for me since I came back from Yemen. There was no direct money conversion between Singapore dollars and Yemeni Riyals.

  • On normal days, 100 USD was approximately 300,000 Yemen riyals.
  • On bad days, 100 USD was 240,000 Yemen riyals.
  • On good days, 100 USD was 350,000 Yemeni riyals.

Every day had been currency converter activity for me. The shops there charged Asians, our currency value in everything. The Yemenis did try to earn from our currency value, so you would less likely to save much when living overseas. I believed this happened in most places.

I always trade between Time, Money, and Health daily. Often, I neglected my health aspect while trying to save time and money.

I recommend an article written by Drashti Shroff. I resonated much with what I lived through life. Every dollar counts like every drop of water. Does migration means I live a better life elsewhere, or would it be easier for my off-springs down the road?

🌹Thank you, Drashti. I enjoyed reading your article. 🌹



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