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The New Year

Image by Peter Paar from Pixabay

365 days in a year they say, a human convention
To measure the journey of the Earth Around the sun
In actuality an ancient process since time immemorial
What is so new after all?

Aren’t we but the relics of our past
Traumatized memories and pleasurable ones
That cosmetically reconstruct themselves as the future?
Are we then doomed and determined? NO!

So, does that mean no good news? Of course not!
The “new” and the “good news” exists in the present
The moment right now , where we can
Make that choice between the freedom of the present, the ever present
And the slavery of the past which is long dead yet haunts the living

I say to you now, leave the dead to the dead
Choose the present instead, not just this one
But the ever present, live every moment
To transform your heart and mind
And I assure you that the heavens will fall

As you come alive to your own self
The new will become the rule and not that annual exception
And convention subsumed by wholesome experience of that
Ever emerging and everevolving newness




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