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Not long ago, I saw an incredible opportunity based on two facts I found to be highly relevant to the pharmaceutical industry today. First, people hate waiting in lines, especially when they physically cannot. Second, human interaction is essential as it relates to our health. Human capital cannot be replaced by technology because the pharmacist-patient relationship is indispensable. Contrary to the food and beverage industry, and its large success in reducing the human touch (think Postmates, UberEats, etc) in healthcare, customers are actually looking to increase and refine this aspect, rather than reduce it. The conclusion? There is a gap that needs to be closed in healthcare technology geared towards patients. Our research kept pointing to an important factor: easy access to your pharmacist is not only important, but crucial to your wellbeing. So I asked myself how to tackle these questions:

  1. What makes a good pharmacist?
  2. How can we have a close patient-pharmacist relationship without having to wait in line?
  3. In the age of technology where customers are looking for physical experiences, how do we close the gap?

This is where MedsNow enters the playing field. We are the solution to the lack of human interaction, the lack of transparency and the lack of community involvement in health care.

There is a misconception that Independent Pharmacies are outdated and hidden under corporate pharma giants like CVS and Duane Reade, yet customers claim a better service experience at an independent pharmacy versus a chain pharmacy. Many people don’t even know their true value because independent pharmacies are kept at a competitive disadvantage due to market pressures. We consider them Hidden Gems, with 95% of customers claiming a better service experience. The pharmacists remember your name and history, explain what you’re taking, and suggest over the counter products to ail your symptoms and help prevent side effects. They strike the perfect balance of pharmaceutical expertise, convenience and speedy service without crossing into the “supermarket” threshold. For those who are wondering, it does not take 45 minutes to fill a prescription, it takes five.

MedsNow is not a transformative idea, we are simply connecting customers with businesses that are perfectly poised to assume the long awaited status of “community-based health provider”. Our goal is two sided. The first is to restore these cornerstones of modern medicine to their former glory, by helping them reach more customers and optimizing their operational efficiency. The second, is targeted to the customer, offering customers a service which combines the convenience of modern technology with a personal healthcare experience. Thus, achieving better medicinal management behaviors. One call with a Pharmacist decreases the risk of hospital readmission by 25%. Think about the enormity of that effect in patients, doctors, and health service facilities.

MedsNow believes in the value of institutions, the power of communities and the right for transparency. Independent Pharmacies are the little guys, yet they own 40% of the market — they have more store locations in New York than chain pharmacies. As for MedsNow, we’re here to make them stronger.

Islam Elfiky
CEO MedsNow

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