Medtrics FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I only need one Medtrics module, can I purchase that separately or do I have to purchase the entire platform?

We understand that every institution is unique with specific requirements. Our team will work with you to create a custom package with modules that you need.

What are the technical requirements to install Medtrics?

Medtrics does not require any special installation from your IT department. Our platform is cloud-based and can be accessed from almost any device with an internet connection and a web browser. If you would like to use our attendance tracker kiosk, then you will need an iPad, which we can provide if necessary.

Is Medtrics secure and will it pass our hospital’s IT screening?

Yes — Medtrics is hosted on IBM Cloud, all communication to Medtrics is fully encrypted, data is backed up multiple types a day, and monitored 24 hours a day. We also have completed security assessments with many healthcare institutions over the years and are confident that we can work with your team to meet your institutional requirements.

How much training will I need to work with Medtrics?

Medtrics was built for ease of use. Most users are able to start using Medtrics with minimal formal training. However, we provide plenty of training opportunities so that everyone can master the system quickly. During the implementation process we start with an onsite training day which will can include group and one on one sessions. Afterwards, additional online training sessions can be scheduled with our team at no additional cost. In addition to training, Medtrics includes a full library of tutorial videos to learn Medtrics modules.

Who owns the data we enter?

Your institution owns all data entered into Medtrics.

Will Medtrics work on my mobile device?

Yes — Medtrics uses modern technology to automatically adapt the user interface to provide the best user experience on all device, regardless of screen size.

Can I customize Medtrics?

Although we do not customize Medtrics for each institution, we regularly work with clients to build new functionality for our platform. If we come across a workflow that we cannot handle in Medtrics, we may be able to work with your team to build new features as an enhancement to the platform.

Is Medtrics only available for managing education in the healthcare industry?

Yes — We focus exclusively on the healthcare education industry.

Is Medtrics available for institutions outside of the United States?

Yes — Medtrics can be implemented in any university or medical center managing the training of physicians, nurses, or allied health professionals. Please get in touch with our sales team to learn more about our international implementation process.

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