Do crises inspire innovations? — COVID-19 as booster for digital health solutions

We dare to propose a sharp hypothesis: Are crisis situations needed for humankind to develop and implement essential innovative solutions?

Surreal scenes like from a movie: A man disinfects the airport to prevent further spreading of the pandemic. | Photo by Tedward Quinn on Unsplash

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The COVID-19 situation has been a booster for business innovations to thrive and a source of creativity for a small business owner.

This boost in innovation, especially during crisis situations, is not entirely new to human history.

In times of crisis, however, it is about much more than just the possibility to solve problems.

Mobile X-ray equipment during the First World War invented by Marie Curie
Oil traces caused by the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig

“It was a horrible tragedy and 11 men died. But the scientific community rose to the challenge and we learned a tremendous amount from that disaster.”

These tragic examples show us that crises were responsible for the development of innovations and gain of crucial knowledge.

How is the coronavirus crisis influencing innovation in healthcare?

“The pandemic has shown us the extent to which patients benefit from apps. It is a kind of turbo boost to accelerate our efforts in the field of digitalization.”

Crises lead to an extraordinary boost in speed when it comes to the invention and implementation of new solutions that may previously have seemed radical and impossible.

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medudoc offers the first customized video animation platform to inform patients about their upcoming medical procedure. Through t​ailored animation video​, we digitize, standardize and automate the analogous practice of the legally required patient education. #patienteducation

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Mona Ciotta

Strategy & Business Manager @medudoc in Berlin. Working in Digital Health trying to transform the healthcare industry as we know it. #patienteducation