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#1 Medusa News: Official launch 🎉

Officially sent: Feb 7, 2022, Originally Written By Nicklas Gellner

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Hi 👋

Today we are officially launching Medusa on Product Hunt. Check it out:

Launch link:

What is new with the launch? 🚀

We bring quite a few things to the table with the launch, including our first major update to our admin platform with a completely revamped design and UI. In short we introduce:

  • New admin 😻
  • New homepage 🖥
  • New product video 🎥
  • New logo & colours 💜

Check it all out in the link above!

Thanks for taking part in the community growth🎢

Aside from some cool features, we have likewise closed the door behind us for a great first year (or really 6 months of operations, but still…). Here are a few of the highlights:

  • +6,000 GitHub stars gained over 6 months
  • +800 amazing community members joining our Discord
  • +1,000 newsletter and product onboarding sign-ups
  • 85 contributions after our first Hacktober

We look forward to sharing more great community moments with you throughout 2022!




Medusa is an open-source headless commerce platform built in Node.js — check out

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