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#2 Medusa News: Release of Medusa v1.2 ⚡️

Originally written by Nicklas Gellner.

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This week we went live with Medusa v1.2 which comes with a handful of great features. Also, our New Admin is now fully tested and ready for deployment 🤘

So what is new? 🚀

With the update, we have made a lot of smaller fixes and adjustments to the New Admin based on your feedback. But, we are also bringing some brand new core features:

New Tax API: Gives you more granular control of your tax logic and allows you so set up custom logic based on your individual regions based on e.g. product types or shipping options.

Strategies: Allow you to override core logic in Medusa in cases when necessary; e.g. if a merchant wants to apply custom logic when generating line items in a cart it can be overwritten. The first two strategy patterns are TaxCalculationStrategy and CartCompletionStrategy.

Customer groups: Enables you to define CustomerGroups for promotion purposes (e.g. special pricing for VIP customers) and will be a core component in enabling B2B specific sales as well.

Add error handler in atomicPhase_: New way of handling errors in our atomic phases by adding an error handler param to the atomicPhase_. This is helpful when work is performed within a transaction, but the transactions fail and cleanup is needed.

Global Search: Basically it has just becomes 100-times smoother to navigate our Admin. Check it out below.

There are many more details to Medusa v1.2 and you can check it all out here if interested.

If you want to always be on top latest news and updates, you can join our Discord where we regularly post about updates and changes.

Did you miss out on? 👀

  • Our Product Hunt launch ending up as #1 of the day and #3 of the Month
  • The Medusa Extender by one of our community members, Adrien, enabling you to extend your Medusa setup (e.g. for multi-tenancy setup)
  • Our New Admin Demo which you can click around in yourself to explore (quick heads up, the design of the individual product pages is not fully up to date yet)



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