Announcing Medusa’s Community Publication

Shahed Nasser
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2 min readMay 2, 2023


At Medusa, we’re introducing our new community publication, Medusa Community, hosted on Hashnode. This publication gives writers interested in writing about Medusa a platform where they can be recognized and paid for their work.

Keep reading below to learn more about this publication and how you can join!

Why create a community publication?

Last year, we created a Writers Program at Medusa, where we were able to work with over 200 writers in producing content related to Medusa. This has allowed us to create diverse content of different types and levels based on the different skills the community writers provided.

As the Writers Program continued to grow and gain interest, we realized how important it is to highlight the community’s work and make it easier for more people to contribute and join. The community publication aims to solve a lot of the limitations we had with the Writers Program, while also providing creative and useful content for the community, by the community.

How does it work?

We share all the details about the new publication in our new Write for Us page. To sum it up:

  • You can join as a writer using this form.
  • You’ll then receive an email with the details to join the Hashnode publication and any other necessary resources.
  • That’s it! You can then start writing and submitting content to the community publication.

Important notes

  • It’s important to sign up again as a writer using the form mentioned above, even if you were previously part of the Writers Program.
  • Your article must match our writing guidelines.
  • Articles are not instantly published on the publication, as we might specify a schedule on how and when we decide to post the article.
  • You’ll receive payment if your article is published or scheduled.
  • Although you can generally write about anything related to Medusa, we also have guidelines on what topics we are against and some things to keep in mind when writing. You can learn more here.

Benefits of joining the Community Publication

  • Your content will be recognized by the Medusa community. We’ll also often share articles we find insightful or creative across our channels.
  • You’ll get paid for your work. We also offer bonus payments if your article gets featured on Hashnode or other publications.

Start writing for Medusa

Interested in the Community Publication? You can join the publication through this form.

Check out the Medusa Community Publication and follow it on Hashnode to stay updated with all community content.