Introducing Monitor: CMS for human corrected news aggregator

Jan 20, 2015 · 8 min read

The required intro

Meduza is an independent russian language media platform based in Riga, Latvia. We are a news aggregator but we produce our own news and reports as well. Meduza is three months old but our monthly audience is more that two million. The original post was written in Russian, thanks to the guys from for translation.

Monitor: Meduza’s Internal Editor

The center of life for any publication is its admin panel (aka its CMS, also called an internal editor, backend, etc. You can call it whatever you want but for the sake of simplicity we will call it an admin panel or Monitor). Here texts are written and published, with the whole editorial board taking part. The quality of the admin panel is not only determined by speed but also environment: If the Admin panel is slow and uncomfortable, it constantly irritates those who use it; the ideal admin panel is one you do not notice. Moreover, if the admin panel is bad, Editorial begins to hate Development, and if Editorial hates Development they will never work together. If they never work together you can forget about new media: you will not get further than publishing simple text with a picture. Thus, developing an admin panel is generally a major project for an online media outlet.

  1. A good admin panel can not be done without a designer and the designer interface. We repeat: the admin panel — is a very specific and complicated mechanism, made to meet specific needs. It must be intuitive. Interfaces of such a level cannot be developed without a specialist. It is better to first get a guideline with drawn elements from the designer. It is not good to fully draw the admin panel without any guidelines. In this case, any change would require the intervention of the designer. It is long and expensive.
  2. Do not forget about the admin panel after its launch. Internal editing requires constant development — if the admin panel will be not developing simultaneously, you will hinder the development of the editorial.
  3. Do only what is truly necessary. It is better to make 5 essential functions than spend a lot of time on innovative but a non-obvious solutions that no one will use.

24 hours

24 hours, the main screen of the Monitor


Calendar, the least used Monitor screen


Issue, the most complicated of the Monitor screens

All materials

All materials for preservation’s sake



This shows internal statistics about editors and types of materials — it is also open to everyone (in general, there are no user roles in the Monitor, everyone is equal).


Material Creation

Photo Editor

Photo Editor — an alternative kind of material, available by link. It looks like this:

Publication process

Last but not least

A few days ago, we launched a quick way of creating and editing articles. It is not in the Monitor. This is an extension for Chrome.

Is that all?

To begin with, yes. Subscribe to our Medium and we will tell you everything else we come up with. On our part, we welcome any ideas.

meduza: how it works

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    meduza: how it works

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