Overview of the MEDX Token Sale

After focusing almost exclusively on development of the Hippocrates app in the MedCredits healthcare ecosystem, we are now turning our attention to the MEDX token sale. The token sale will open in March/April 2018 with the structure outlined below.

MEDX Token Generation Event (TGE)

There will be a capped total of 100,000,000 MEDX tokens.

70,000,000 MEDX are available in the Pre-Sale and Public Sale.

  • Pre-Sale: 35,000,000 MEDX available at an average of 0.40 USD per MEDX. This is an average discount of 50% off the public sale price. Target is 14,000,000 USD.
  • Public Sale: 35,000,000 MEDX available at a tiered pricing structure outlined in the table below. No minimum contribution. Target is 23,500,000 USD.

20,000,000 MEDX retained by MedCredits Team.

10,000,000 MEDX reserved for marketing and partnerships.

If you are interested in purchasing MEDX in our token sale, please email james (at) medcredits.io


James Todaro, CEO