Using the Hippocrates dapp v1.0

We are now opening up Hippocrates alpha v1.0 for public testing on Ropsten. Please follow the instructions below to get started:

  1. Go to

2. Add the extension to your browser.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions — read and agree to the disclaimers, create your password and save your seed phrase.

4. Ensure that you are on the Ropsten Test Network.

5. Fund your account with Ropsten ether (this is free).

6. Copy your public address and send it to so we may fund your account with test MEDX and add you as a mock physician on the platform (we will attempt to do this as quickly as possible and will send a confirmation e-mail after sending the transaction). Please use subject “Hippocrates alpha”.

7. Go to and follow the intuitive user experience. Please try to keep your photos appropriate!

8. Experiment, try to find bugs and most importantly provide us with your feedback: e-mail with the subject “Hippocrates feedback


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