IEU’s International Community Network meeting

Friday, March 10, the IEU’s ICN (International Community Network) in which include all International’s from IEU such as professors, teachers and students.

It organized meeting with its members at Play Planet Bowling with purpose of welcoming the new comes, introducing the group’s stuff to the members, gathering together and having fun.

In this event, it attended around twenty five IEU International students from different countries where they gathered together and they also played different games.

Play Planet Bowling Balçova — İzmir (Photo: Wcenia Silva)
Alessandro Cadamuro

On the president of ICN speech Alessandro Cadamuro, he welcome the new comes, thankful all for their presences in the meeting, he wish all a great semester and he introduce the group stuffs to the members such as Džefris Dizdarević Co-founder of the IUE International Community Network, Milos Mrdakovic IT manager, PR Büşra Bektaş and event organization Darren Oğuz.

Alessandro also said that, “the group is planning to do this kind of events more often and they are planning to join some Erasmus events as well so that ICN can have much more activities. He encourages the members of the group to be open and free to the group in any situation and they should be more in touch each other, because as we know, there are more than eighty members in this group, but as you see here there are only twenty five of them. He hope that in next event they will be more attends”.

Why the meeting at Play Planet bowling?

According to the ICN event organization Darren Oğuz, “the group choose Play Planet bowling as a meeting place, they believes that, the place may attracted more the members to attends the meeting, because there are different kind of games such as bowling, basket table, billiards, boxer, air hockey and pinball, if someone does not like or cannot play one game he or she can choose another then everyone can be happy and have fun. Since there are always small numbers of the attends to the ICN’s events that why most of them have been cancelled.

Play Planet Bowling Balçova — İzmir (Photo: Wcenia Silva)

At end of the meeting, I talked to some IEU ICN members and I asked them the following question:

What do you think about this meeting and why do you have such opinion?

Amina Hajameur from Tunisia, she’s IEU freshman student from business department. For her the meeting was a great idea and she had a fabulous time here, because it was her first time to play bowling, she tried other games too like boxer, air hockey and pinball. She also enjoyed a lot gathering together with others International students then she advice to the both group stuff and it members to work together and be in touch so that they can gather together more often and have a lot of fun together.

According to Julia Bitzer, from Germany, “the idea was nice, I Likes gather together with people and have fun, but I don’t like go to the club or kind of Erasmus parties. Today I really had a lot of fun and I enjoyed spend time with these amazing people who were here. I hope that the next event will be very soon”

Bintou Moulekafou, from Mali, IEU junior’s student from business department. She said that “the idea of organized the meeting now before the midterms and at Planet bowling was nice, I enjoyed being here, although I don’t know how to play bowling, but I laughed a lot with other students and for me it is always great meeting new people, making interesting discovery about their culture and countries. I really had fun and I cannot wait for the next event like this or better”.