Journal #1 — Something happened

The Button Pusher
Mar 19, 2018 · 3 min read

The long delayed journey has begun… I think.

Hello, is anyone there?
Hello? I’m not crazy, right?
I know this update was a bit late but… Oh, there you are!

Hello stranger, you’re probably curious what this is about… me too! Oh wait, I’m the storyteller here. Well, I’m here to tell you about MEE6 v2!

The long awaited update has come! You can now enjoy more bans, levels, and memes…. probably in that order.

Part 1, the features.

So, the first thing we should cover is what’s new.

So, let me summarize this; Good news first.

  • Automoderator
    Now MEE6 can do some of your work for you… or a lot of it. Spammers? Got it. Emoji abusers? Yep. PEOPLE WHO LOVE CAPS!? Yeah, we’re on it.
  • Moderation Commands
    Yeah, we actually have some now. (Ban, kick, mute, slowmode, infrations, etc)
  • Custom Commands
    Our little babies grew up, now you can do lots of cool things like multi-layer commands where it gives roles/sends messages in different channels/etc
  • Help Stuff
    So, you can now edit and mess with the command a bit.. only a bit.
    We have plans for some stronk API and Usage help documentation... wew.
  • Logging log logs
    So, we know you guys love information and knowing who did things.. so we now have some mod log action and plan some action logs (seeing who did what in the dashboard thingy), blah blah. It’s pretty informational.
  • Levels
    Last but not least, knew I needed to cover this before you mugged me. The levels plugin now has more options with how roles are assigned… We’re also going to be adding more stuff, like time-based activity searches… and removing users who leave…! (Not that we notice them anymore, anyway)
  • Shippity Plugin shop
    Oh, and for those of you with banks for pockets;
    All of our plugins are now lifetime subscriptions, 1000 coins for music/record separate and 1500 coins for them together! Man, do I love bundle deals.

And now the Bad news…

  • Moderator config (banned words, etc) was not moved over, as well as having the bot DM help/welcome messages. You should probably get those updated.

And… that should sum it all up, really.
If you’re worried about Bots taking over the world… please continue.

If you’re confused, please pop on over to our support server!

Part 2, our future steps.

So, this isn’t the end. Let me make that clear.. not the end.

We plan to do a lot of things moving forward, like; consistent updates, new social features, and even more functionality to the current command.

All of this is only achievable with YOUR help! So shoot on over to our Discord Server to drop all your juicy ideas. (Suggestions site, incoming)

Part 3, ze memes.

This is my favorite part.

In v2 we’re not just bringing you features, and extremely long articles; we’re also bringing the memes!
Looking forward to new content like comics, short stories, games, and other jazzy razzy things that make your heart beat faster… I hope.

I think that’s all I had for you :blobsweats: so I’ll get out of your hair.


MEE6 is a Discord bot that keeps your community engaged and safe with fun and moderation! Yay 🎉 !

The Button Pusher

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I did the pushy thing once, I think.



MEE6 is a Discord bot that keeps your community engaged and safe with fun and moderation! Yay 🎉 !