Introducing: MeebitsDAO

Part 1 — Shaping the Future of the Meebits Ecosystem



Why do we need a DAO for Meebits?

Like many NFT collectors, we were excited when Larva Labs announced Meebits — and the vision of a future where we can use these avatars in virtual worlds and games — the Metaverse we’re all eagerly anticipating.

But how do we get from character models to the Metaverse?

There are a lot of steps in-between. A lot of development that needs to be done before we’re all running around like Ready Player One.

We’re builders.

We don’t want to wait for the Metaverse to just happen eventually, maybe — we want to shape it by building small interconnected pieces of it, and let’s start by bringing our Meebits to life, making them interactive, letting them interact with each other.

Ideas are great. Accountability is better.

After the Meebits launched, lots of folks had ideas for things we could do, but ideas are easy. We want to see these projects through to delivery, and that takes a structured roadmap, a plan, and accountability. So far, we’ve assembled a team of advisors with a great track record of delivering projects in the NFT space, incubating start-ups and running decentralized organizations–all the people you want thinking about how to make this DAO work.

Meet the Advisors (more to come)


Kai Turner — Kai is a creative director with 25+ years of experience in building digital products. He has been in the NFT space since 2017, where he became known for cracking the CryptoKitties DNA code. Since then he has filed for 3 patents related to the Blockchain and NFTs and sits as an advisor for some of the leading projects in the space, including NFT42, Sound Obsessed and Block:Block. Kai is also an artist who has created and sold thousands of his own generative NFTs. Kai graduated BSCS from Stanford University.


Bart Decrem — Bart has spent his career building things that matter. He coordinated the creation of the open source GNOME Foundation and headed marketing and business affairs for the Firefox 1.0. Founder and CEO of Tapulous, the startup behind the first App Store megahit, Tap Tap Revenge, and ran the smartphone games business for Disney. At Mozilla, he co-created the Mozilla Builders Fix-The-Internet incubator, which backed 80+ projects building a better internet. Bart has a JD from Stanford Law School.


Jim McNelis — CEO NFT42, previously founded Dito, an enterprise cloud solutions provider. For the last few years, he’s been pioneering and advancing on-chain NFTs and the metaverse.


Mark Mayo — Previously Chief Product Officer for Mozilla and steward of Firefox for the Quantum launch, CTO for cloud computing pioneer Joyent — containers and node.js — and technical co-founder at multiple early startups, Mark’s helped nurture many exciting technologies from the lab to the devices of billions of humans.


Werekitty — Project manager, NFT42, with experience from Telecom, Oil & Energy. Spent the last couple of years moderating CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot discords and learning about NFT’s. Master degree in Physics.

Chris (Alley Cat) — Chris is an investment manager with a 20-year background in private markets. He has a master’s degree in Econometrics and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and specializes in the intersection between both fields, applying empirical analysis and simulation to investment decisions. Under his alias Alley Cat, Chris is known within the NFT community for building the Botty-Lost-And-Found rescue service for Cryptokitties players and for providing advice and support to various NFT projects.

What’s Next

This is the first in a series of posts that will outline our evolving plans for the MeebitsDAO. We want to quickly set up a structure so that we can bring in members and truly function as a DAO, with voting rights and ownership of the development projects.

Follow @MeebitsDAO on Twitter and keep an eye out for the upcoming posts (all to be posted within the next week) where we will cover: