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$MBBT Meebits buyback has begun!

$MBBT funds the collective buyback for proxy ownership

5 Meebits from the first buyback


What is $MBBT you’re asking? Start here:

The MBBT Pool and Collective Ownership

The Original 20

Currently, on, you can see the original 20 Meebits collectively owned by $MBBT holders.

MBBT Pool on OpenSea

Buyback — for collective (proxy) ownership

The $MBBT tokens are available on at

The funds from the $MBBT tokens will be reinvested into a buyback, increasing the size of the pool.

Those 20 in the pool will soon become 24 — increasing the overall collection and proxy ownership granted to $MBBT holders!

4 will go into the pool for proxy ownership in the Metaverse

Watch out for the 5th Meebit which will be part of a promotional giveaway for MBBT!

$MBBT is available on until 2 December 2021




News and information related to the MeebitsDAO community & developer fund

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