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MeebitsDAO: 10 $MBBT = General Membership

Promotion ended 27 November 2021


Since the MBBT has reached 100% distribution, we are ending this promotion as of 27 November 2021, 11am PST / 2pm EST / 19.00 GMT

Last month, we opened MeebitsDAO for General Membership — which was an exciting step for us since announcing the DAO in May 2021 and recruiting our Founder members.

We’re still very early in our mission to build:

An open and interoperable Metaverse enabled by the Meebits ecosystem

$MBBT — a future vision for 100,000+ Meebits owners in the Metaverse

Our current initiative is a based on scaling Meebits for the future Metaverse.

We’re announcing proxy ownership in practice — meaning:

We’re supporting 10 $MBBT to be interchangeable for owning a Meebit when joining MeebitsDAO

How does it work?

  • The token sale for $MBBT is OPEN on through 03 December, 2021
  • General Membership tokens will continue to be on sale through
  • After 03 December — we will take a snapshot of both $MBBT holders and General Membership token holders
  • Clarification: The snapshot will record the wallets that originally purchased the MBBT or General Membership token — moving tokens around will not add additional addresses to the claim.

10 $MBBT = 1 General Membership token (and vice versa)

  • For wallet holders with 10 $MBBT or more (who do not already own a General Membership token) — we will airdrop 1 General Membership token
  • For General Membership token holders (who do not already own 10 $MBBT) — we will airdrop 10 $MBBT

Update / FAQ

Q: How will the snapshot work?
A: The snapshot will record the wallets which originally purchased either the General Membership token or the 10 $MBBT tokens.

Q: How will the tokens be distributed?
A: There will be a free claim based on the snapshot. This is a gas transaction.

Q: Can I move tokens around before the snapshot?
A: No, the snapshot is recorded according to the wallet making the purchase, not the wallet currently holding the tokens.

Visit to claim your General Membership token today and join our Discord server.




News and information related to the MeebitsDAO community & developer fund

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